3-D High Definition Scanning
Engineering & Hydrographic Surveys

Previous Projects

Some projects in which Tritan Survey has provided the major survey input include:

  • Koeberg Nuclear Power Station: We had a surveyor on site for the duration of the contract, who handled the full spectrum of site survey, from tache surveys to precise machine installation surveys.
  • Caltex Oil Refinery: Various precise surveys eg. Storage tank deformation survey, large diameter elevated pipe intersection surveys, Chimney stack verticality control.
  • Palmiet Pump Storage Scheme: Precise triangulation network to control the construction of the six-meter diameter pipe linking the upper and lower dams.
  • Hex River Railway Tunnels: Alignment control and tunnel deformation monitoring in geologically unstable areas.
  • Du Toit’s Kloof Tunnel: Pilot bore and main tunnel alignment
  • Steenbras Power Station: deformation monitoring of turbine shafts and the concrete structure.
  • Khayelitsha Earthworks: Survey control for three contractors in a seven month fast track contract moving 3 million cubes of material.
  • Katse Dam: (Lesotho Highlands Water Project). The construction of ten deflection beacons and the Highwater demarcation survey.
  • Saldanha Steel Project: We have been involved with the Saldanha Steel Mill Project for the past six years. Our scope of work included the original ground surveys, Cadastral survey of original farm subdivision and various power line and conveyor servitudes, precise setting out of survey monuments, dimensional audits during the construction phase and the on going settlement monitoring. At the peak of the construction phase we had six surveyors permanently on site 
  • 3D laser scanning and modeling of Pipe layer Polaris in Port Gentil, Gabon. DCD Dorbyl.

Shallow coastal and inland Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveys:

  • Gordon’s Bay Harbour for B S Bergman.
  • Murray’s Bay Harbour breakwater, Robben Island for Entech Consultants.
  • Saldanha Bay Ore Terminal for Portnet.
  • Dry-dock at Quelimane, Mozambique.
  • Proposed Fish Terminal at Dar-Es-Salaam and Tanzania for Konoike Construction. Japan and Nippon Koei Co.
  • Surveys of various small harbours for Prestedge Retief Dresner & Wijnberg (Coastal Engineers).
  • Zanzibar Fish landing site for Wakachiku Construction and Nippon Koei Co.
  • Inland surveys have been dams for the South African Department of Water Affairs.
  • Major water supply dams in Botswana for Botswana Water Utilities Commission. 
  • We have surveyed Quelimane dry dock and environs three times for Mr. J. Yates and for Murray & Roberts Construction to determine the silting up of the dock and whether piles had been correctly positioned.
  • Mpumalanga & OFS Hydrographic survey of dams. Department of Water Affairs.
  • Tanzania: Dar-Es- Salaam – Topo & Hydrographic survey. 
  • Pongola River – Bathymetric Survey from Dam to Mozambique border – 120 km. ASP Technology.
  • Lake Victoria Study – Bathymetric Survey. ASP Technology. 
  • Seychelles: Bathymetric Survey Eden Island.  Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg.
  • Dakar Senegal: Sea Plaza Bathymetric Survey. LC Consulting.
  • St Helena Island – Airport Project Topo, Bathy and Geophysical Surveys. DFID (The Department for International Development UK). 
  • Cape Town Table Bay: Bathymetric & Geophysical Survey. Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg .
  • Beira Mozambique: Supply Personal and RTK for bathymetric. Fugro Survey Africa. 
  • Mauritius – Pointe Osborne Resort bathymetric & Beach Survey. WML Coast (Pty) Ltd. 
  • Namibia - Bathymetric Survey of Walvis Bay Harbour. M. van Wieringen & Associates.
  • Mozambique: Nammcurra, Rio Ligonku Road – Africa Surveys.
  • Eskom Proposed Nuclear Sites. Koeberg, Bantamsklip and Thyspunt  - Inshore multi-beam surveys. Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg.
  • Port of Ngqura : Multi-beam Survey of the entire basin and approach channel. Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg.
  • Single beam and side scan survey of port of Namibe, Angola.  WSP/ Scorpion Mineral Processing.
  • Project Alpha - Bathymetric and Geophysical Surveys Mozambique Inhambane Mozambique. Single beam and Seismic surveys of two site for PRDW.
  • St Helena Island Airport Project - Topo and Bathy Surveys. Basil Read Construction.
  • Sierra Rutile – Sierra Leone. Mogbwemo Tailings Dam Hydrographic Survey.
  • Cap Verga – Guinea. Bathymetric and Geophysical Surveys for Alufer Mining.
  • Ras Anfile – Eritrea. Bathy and Geophysical Survey. STB South Boulder mining.

3-D Laser Scanning:

  • St Helena Island: High definition scan of slopes above Jamestown
  • Dormac Cape Town: Alignment of Jin using scanner
  • Melis du Plessis: Scanning of road cutting N2 at Houw Hoek
  • Parnis Airport Services: Laser scan of columns at CT Airport International terminal
  • Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Chevron Caltex - Laser Scan of Killarney Tank Farm
  • De Beers Marine: Scanning and Modelling of Grand Banks
  • Satmap Solutiions: Laser Scan of N1 Corridor Bridges - M5 Viaduct
  • Konti Industries (Pty) Ltd: Bloemfontein : Loch Logan - Laser Scan Building
  • Globe Engineering Works (Pty) Ltd: Alignment of Guide Rails and Cylinders on Valentin Sashin - 3D scan and survey
  • Fugro Survey Africa (Pty) Ltd: Laser Scanning and Modelling Matis
  • SAIPEM: SaiBos FDS - Laser Scanning of Tower
  • Barwil (South Africa) Pty Ltd: Scanning of Mast and Boom of SAIPEM 3000
  • CSIR: Scanning Models of Harbour Protection
  • South African Challenge 2007:  3-D Scanning of Yacht - Shosholoza II