3-D High Definition Scanning
Engineering & Hydrographic Surveys


Tritan endeavors to keep abreast of the latest equipment to ensure that our clients have the best solutions made available to them. The equipment below is not an exhaustive list of the tools that we have at our disposal but form the basis of most of our surveys requirements. Additional resources and specialized equipment will be sourced if required to meet client specific needs and requirements in the form of purpose made survey solutions.  

Total Stations
  • Conventional Total Stations
  • Robotic Total Stations

GPS Receivers
  • RTK Receivers

  • Single-beam systems
  • Multi-beam systems
  • Sidescan systems
  • Seismic Systems
  • Motion reference units
  • Sound velocity profilers

  • 3D Laser Scanners
  • Close Range Photogrammetry equipment
  • Short range Aerial Photogrametric mapping systems