3-D High Definition Scanning
Engineering & Hydrographic Surveys



The executive team is comprised of 4 members (Mark Newling, James Christie-Smith, Paul Higgins and James Parkes) all of whom are qualified and registered with professional or technical bodies, together with a diverse team of surveyors, hydrographers, geologists, CAD operators and support staff. 


Mark Newling

BSc (Land Surveying) 1976, Pr L(SA) 1980 MSc (Eng) 1988

Registrations: PLATO PLS 0445 ; SAGI 140

Specialisation: Geodesy, maritime boundaries, computer programming, least squares adjustments

Key Experience: 3-D laser scanning, cadastral Surveys, machinery alignment on shore and on floating vessels.

James Christie-Smith


Survey Technician 1980

Registrations: PLATO ST 0182 ; SAGI 71

Specialisation: Administration, Precise engineering, Large scale GPS surveys, Pre-design surveys, Volumetric surveys, Hydrographic surveys.

Key Experience: GIS and deformation surveys, engineering surveys, tunnel alignment, inshore hydrographic surveys with sub-bottom profiling, precise engineering surveys, large scale photo control (GPS)


Paul Higgins


Nat. Diploma in Engineering and Topographical Surveying

Registrations: PLATO S 0278 ; SAGI 105

Specialisation: Topographic and Engineering Survey, Pipeline Surveys

Key Experience: Engineering surveys, stock-take and audit surveys, large scale topographic surveys, audit surveys for control of construction works, railway surveys.

James Parkes


BSc (Geomatics) 2007, Pr L(SA)

Registrations: PLATO PLS1225 ; SAGI 838

Specialisation: Precise survey and deformation monitoring, photogrammerty and 3D laser scanning.

Key Experience: GIS, cadastral surveys, control network surveys, large scale topographic surveys, precision setting out and alignment for large machinery, close range and aerial photogrammetry surveys, laser scanning and 3D modelling.