3-D High Definition Scanning
Engineering & Hydrographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys have been one of Tritan Surveys key areas since we began operating. We pride ourselves in delivering a model that is correct and a drawing that is both accurate and pleasing to the eye. 
Topographic surveying involves the measurement and representation of the earths surface and features in a medium which can be read and interpreted by others. This medium is generally CAD drawings which include contours, levels, benchmarks, services and other topographic items of interest to our clients. These surveys can be designed to meet our clients varying requirements and specifications with varying levels of detail.
Topographic surveys are often required for:
  • Construction and civil design purposes
  • Building planning
  • Road design and maintenance
  • Green fields development          
We utilize the following measurement techniques interchangably depending on the clients needs and the size of the project. Often a combination of techniques is utilized to ensure the best final products:

  • Conventional GPS and Totalstation
  • Mobile Laser Scanning
  • Aerial Photogrammetry 
  • Aerial Lidar 
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