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Hydrographic Surveys

Tritan Survey has two dedicated survey boats, which are equipped to perform various hydrographic survey tasks. We are also well positioned to perform single-beam, multi-beam and seismic surveys throughout Africa, in near-shore areas as well as on inland lakes, dams and rivers.

We have two independent multi-beam echo sounders systems, precise RTK GPS positioning systems, MRU units, Sound velocity profilers and single-beam echo-sounders. We use this equipment in conjunction with our clients requirements and specifications to formulate personalized survey solutions.

Bathymetry is the science of measuring underwater depths in rivers, lakes,dams and oceans. This is achieved through the use of sonar transmitters and receivers. Single-beam, as the name suggests, returns a single depth measurement per ping. Multi-beam transducers transmit multiple pings per epoch in an across track fan; this method builds up near-full coverage of the bottom which allows for much finer details to be captured. Seismic surveys rely on low frequency transducers to gather subterranean measurements of sediment packets and depth to bedrock below the seafloor.

Bathymertric surveys tools can be used for the following purposes:

  • Dredging project volumetric analysis and checking
  • Pre-design and monitoring surveys for ports, harbours, pipelines, quay and dredging activities 
  • Scour and undercutting checks
  • Sediment thickness determination
  • Side-scan imaging for wreck salvage and obstruction searches 

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