3-D High Definition Scanning
Engineering & Hydrographic Surveys

Close Range Photogrammetry

Close Range photogrammetry is a technique where photographs are used to build an accurate 3D model of an object.  Some advantages of photogrammerty is the extremely high accuracy (sub 0.01mm) results that can be achieved in certain conditions. Photorammetry also allows us to measure and model areas not accessible to traditional survey methods or laser scanning.

Tritan has completed numerous such projects, the most notable being the survey of the damaged breakwater of the Calshot Harbour on Tristan Da Cuhna. The Titan Helicopter from the SA Agulhas was used as the camera platform to capture images of the breakwater from the seaward side.
Photogrammetry is versatile in that the photographs can be captured from many platforms, including aerial, mobile vehicles, hand held and tripods. This allows great versatility in the uses of photogrammetry and the areas where it can be used.
Photogrammetry can be used, among other applications, to achieve:
  • Small and large object modeling 
  • Open terrain surveys 
  • Man made structure modeling 
  • Flatness checks and precise measurements
  • Orthorectified, scaled imagery 

Houwhoek Roadcutting collapseTristan Calshot HarbourTristan Da Cunha Detail survey of Breakwa DrawingTristan